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The Purple Leaf Plum, Prunus cerasifera 'Krauter Vesuvius', is a beautiful small to medium sized tree featuring vivid purple foliage that is sure to add curb appeal and impress your neighbors. During its seasonal bloom cycle, it produces luscious, puffy pink flowers that add even more color to any landscape. Mar 29, 2018 · Purple Leaf Plum Prunus cerasifera 'Krauter Vesuvius': This deciduous tree produces a profusion of showy light pink flowers in spring. This remarkable tree also features exceptional dark purple foliage that helps to make it an ideal small, color accent tree.

The purple/pink flowers appear all over the tree in spring, just before the leaves emerge. Also called the forest pansy, the Eastern redbud forms a graceful, flat-topped, vase shape as it ages. The tree usually branches low on the trunk and, if left intact, forms a graceful multitrunked habit. Sep 06, 2017 · Top 10 Plants with purple Leaves:1. Sambucus nigra ‘Black Lace’. The black-leaved elder is more beautiful than the common elder.2. Cornus ‘Kesselringii’. The oval leaves of this dogwood have a purplish tinge during summer,.3. Sedum telephium ‘Xenox’. Most cultivars of Sedum telephium have. Features stunning deep purple leaves that are 1½–3" long. Yields round, edible reddish fruit that is 1¼" in diameter and ripens in late summer. Tolerates moderate heat and drought. Grows in a rounded shape. May need additional deep watering in the summer heat. Purple leaf plum trees Prunus cerasifera are small deciduous trees. Their habit is either erect or spreading. The slender branches fill with fragrant, showy flowers in springtime. The pale pink flowers develop into purple drupes in summer. These fruit are appreciated by.

Purple-leaf plum Prunus cerasifera "Atropurpurea" is also known as Japanese purple plum, and it usually grows to around 35 feet tall. Once it matures, the tree produces small, edible plums yearly. Unique. Deep Purple Foliage Why Crimson King Maple Trees? Regular Maples provide brilliant color in fall.but the Crimson King Maple Tree shows off its beautiful purple leaves all summer long. In fact, Crimson King Maples are known for their striking, rich purple foliage in colder climates, too, and are one of the few trees to give you excellent color in the Northern states. And it doesn't. Purple Leaf Plum is a small deciduous tree commonly planted for its deep reddish - Modern The Purple Leaf Plum tree is an ornamental flowering tree that adds color year round. Purple-leaf plum as a tree form- we usually stock both tree and shrub versions Cistena.

In early spring, before leaf-out, a profusion of small, sweet pea–shaped, lavender-pink to rosy purple flowers appears on twigs, branches, and even the main trunk. Blossoms are followed by clusters of flat, beanlike pods that persist into winter and give rise to numerous seedlings around the tree. With lot sizes shrinking, the dwarf Purple Pony Plum is the perfect tree to add a spot of brilliance throughout the yard with little extra effort. From the light pink blooms, to the gorgeous leaves all season, you can use this as a small anchor tree for garden beds. With its attractive shape, it's dressy enough for front yard plantings. Try this as a single specimen at the corner of your house, or plant one on either.

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